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Sino Rubber Belts co., Ltd was established in the beginning of 21 century and located in the Zhuao industrial Zone of Sanmen County, Zhejiang province, P. R. China, in which near of Ningbo harbor and Ningbo intĄŻl airport.
With more than one decade in manufacture rubber conveyor belt, rubber V belt and transmission belt, we gradually becoming a main supplier in China based on the latest technology and innovation. Our mission is to continually supply top quality products at competitive prices to effectively meet customer needs.
Being an accredited ISO 9001:2008 company,Sino Rubber Belts co.,Ltd is not only to offer outstanding products but also utilize its professional technical knowledge to assist its customers successfully operating in their market to reach mutual benefit in both parties.
Products Applications:
Belt Width: 300mm ~ 2400mm
Belt Thickness:2mm ~ 30mm.
Fabric Type:
Cotton, NN, EP(80N/mm ~ 500N/mm),
Steel cord strength:
ST630 N/mm ~ ST6300 N/mm
Standard Applied:
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